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Summary of RST 100 Token

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The Tokens will be secured by ruby gemstones valued at $544,000,000. The Trust will issue Tokens that will represent fractional ownership of the value of ruby gemstones equal to the value of Tokens purchased by the investor. For example, if the investor purchases a $1,000 worth of Tokens, the investor will own $1,000 of the total value of ruby gemstones. The Tokens will be represented by entries in the Platform maintained by or on behalf of the Trust. The Trust possesses the safekeeping receipt of ruby gemstones in the name of the Trust, and the Trust retains full control of the gemstones, holding them in a depository safe at Global Trust Depository.

Why RST 100 Token?

 Below are the key characteristics of RST 100 Token:  Provide instant liquidity for a greater flexibility for investors/buyers; Value of the token rises as market for rubies grows; RST 100 Token owners can trade with other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies to pay for products and services; Trust will buy back RST 100 Token from the owner with 12% premium payments after one year – providing added value to its owners/investors. The absolute value of the 12% premium is prorated up to the number of months the token was held prior to selling it. The maturity date for a 12% premium redemption is calculated based on a 12-month period. For example, if the token was valued at $100, with a 12% premium, its total value is equal to $112.00 if held for 12 months; Since most currencies are valued by market forces resulting in high volatility, RST 100 Tokens are not as sensitive to market volatility; With greater price stability, RST 100 Token functions as a better unit of account because it provides more reliable measure of the value of goods and services.

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