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Directors and Management

Mr. Craig Atkins

Craig Atkins has closed well over 200 real estate transactions in his career as a real estate investor and has worked with many real estate clients in the acquisition and financing of real estate.


Mr. Atkins also has been featured in the “who’s who edition” and is an author of a book on “Lease/Purchase.” His very first company, “Direct Connection Financial Services,” started in his home garage in 1993 and boomed into a six-office multi-state success in just three years.


In 1998, Mr. Atkins started an investment group that merged into his present company, “HBFC,” which also is one of the Trustees for the Trust.

Burnette Dubose


Burnette DuBose is a serial entrepreneur and her experience spanning mortgage lending, real estate and nonprofit areas. She currently serves as a Chief Trustee of the Trust, an emerging and innovative trust that is breaking barriers when it comes to asset-based lending.


As part of her work, she is looking to enhance the Trust’s portfolio by investing in technology companies that are transformative and provide high social impact. Her work with housing shelters for heroin-addicted and homeless individuals has specifically inspired her to focus on personalized and precision medicine that can significantly improves the lives of people around the world.


Previously, she has worked as a loan closer for a mortgage company and she is a licensed real estate broker and licensed advisor. She is a dedicated wife and a mother of four children.

Jeffrey H. Lustbader


Jeff is the Director of Business Development and the Director of the Trust, assisting in product and project development. Jeff has been exposed to financial instruments, alternative currencies and conventional funding structures.


Jeff is also the President and Co-Founder of Commercial Mortgage City Corporation, which is a commercial real estate lender and brokerage company serving investors throughout the USA.


Utilizing the benefits of the internet and social media, CMC became an award-winning company for many of the leading financial institutions. CMC currently provides mortgage services and joint venture relationships with investors. The CMC team is comprised of thousands of brokers throughout the USA. Recently, Jeffrey established The Lord’s Lender Inc, a Miami-based lending and investment company focused on funding commercial projects in the South-East region of the USA.

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